Polici Communication is an International PR Company. We can be an important working resource because we are hard-workers who stop at nothing for our clients. We have a lot of enthusiasm and ambition to achieve above and beyond our set goals. We are able-bodied to communicate clearly both verbally and in writing in three languages: Italian, English and Spanish.

FRANCESCA POLICI (CEO): Go-getter, determined, dynamic, problem – solver. She has worked in P.R. for the last few years, first for an important communication company and then as freelance. She started by running the organization of some International Film Festivals and then she worked in the field of communication as the press office, social media marketing and PR representative. She has worked with important film productions, celebrities, international companies and startups. She isinformed in the field of entertainment and also technology, design, and fashion. She has worked with artists and businesses all over the world. She is especially informed in brand identity and world-wide promotion focusing on the individuality of the client.

(photo by Lukas Blazek)
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